The new Update brings a series of Unity enhancements that include workflow upgrade with Prefab elements, which can now be nested, as well as improvement for programming the render tool, and changes to the .NET platform. Additionally, a new visual effects graph is added that can be previewed.

Changes in short lines:

The .NET scripts have now been changed to .NET 4. Support for the old .NET 3.5 platform will soon be suspended.

Prefab elements now can be nested to increase flexibility. By combining different prefab elements it is possible to create more complex solutions that can be instantiated as one element.


ProBuilder 3D has been updated to version 4.0 which is now supplied as source code and supports improvements to the use of nested prefab elements.

The isometric grid is added that facilitates the process of making a 2D environment.


In addition to these, there are many more changes that add to the improvement of different modules within Unity. You can find more details on this link.

TeamCAD organized two free Autodesk Advance Steel workshops - December, 11th in Novi Sad and December, 13th in Belgrade. Places for the workshop were filled quickly, due to big interest. The instructor was Vuk Vukanić, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Autodesk Application Engineer, Autodesk Certified Instructor and Autodesk Revit Certified Professional.

The attendees had a chance to hear more about basic and advanced options for improving efficiency workflow in Advance Steel. Different segments were covered, such as navigation, modeling, drawing style customization, alternative method for defining prototypes, etc.

We were pleased to host the attendees. We want to thank everybody for interest and we are looking forward to the next workshops.

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