FREE: Dynamo workflow for non-uniform divisions for Revit

Dynamo workflow for non-uniform divisions in Revit

We have a great pleasure to share with our friends, business associates, clients and everybody interested FREE TeamCAD Dynamo workflow for non-uniform divisions for Revit, which was developed by our colleague Igor Lekić, MSc Architecture, Senior Autodesk Application Engineer, Silver Autodesk Certified Instructor, Certified Revit Professional, Certified 3DS Max Professional.

Revit is an architectural software that is good for project design but lacks tools to create non-uniform shapes. People often believe that fluid shapes are impossible in Revit, so designers are limited by tools. In contrast to Revit, everyone says that all those shapes can be created with ease in 3DS Max. Because of that, we created this workflow that joins good from both software. This workflow allows designer freedom in 3DS Max to be transferred to Revit in a full parametric BIM environment. The workflow we made contains Dynamo, which is the link between 3DS Max and Revit, in this case.

Dynamo is a visual programming interface that lets you customize your building information workflow. It is installed as part of Revit, Civil 3D or 3ds Max. The workflow TeamCAD prepared here is only for Dynamo for Revit, and it is composed out of several steps:
– Create a model in 3DS Max
– Export coordinates of each polygon vertex
– Open / Create a Revit project
– Load/Create Adaptive Family
– Execute Dynamo script


Through the whole workflow, we give for free:

- 3DS Max model – geometry example
- 3DS Max script
- Dynamo script
- Revit template
- 5x Revit families
- Instruction for workflow's use


For making this workflow, the following software solutions from Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Collection were used:

- 3DS Max,
- Autodesk Revit,
- Dynamo for Revit.


>> INSTRUCTION << To find out more about TeamCAD Dynamo workflow for non-uniform divisions for Revit, please visit this link

>> DOWNLOAD << In order to download a free version, please visit this link

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