TeamCAD at Total Chaos in Sofia

Representatives of TeamCAD visited last week's Total Chaos international event in Sofia. The conference was attended by nearly a thousand visitors from various professions - architects, 3D artists, film artists, special effects artists, etc. from around the world.

On the first day, we attended masterclasses and we were introduced with techniques for creating different visual elements using V-Ray software on users’ examples, where experts from around the world showed their approaches and methods in the computer graphics industry.

The other two days were filled with lectures, where we had the opportunity to listen about unusual and inspirational presentations of famous and successful people from the world of architecture, film, video games, etc. Greg Rogers from WeWork, presented how architectural visualization is being done in their company and how they have achieved rapid growth of the company. Sonja Christoph from Massive Entertainment - Ubisoft, has given us a very inspirational story about her career and the way from being the assistant director in Hollywood to the environment artist at Massive Entertainment. Victor Hugo, a 3D artist from Brazil, presented his very interesting career from the beginning to the present, with all the climaxes and falls. Ian Spriggs showed us his incredible photorealistic digital human portraits and how he finds references in the paintings of the world's most renowned artists - Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, etc. Paul Debevec, a famous world scientist who has devoted his career to light fields research and now works for Google, explained what light fields are, what is their significance in the modern world, and how they can be used in VR and AR. John SanGiovanni from Visual Vocal demonstrated that hundreds of people can attend the same VR session at the same time - all lecture’s attendees accessed the VR session through the Visual Vocals application on their mobile phones and together with John, they reviewed the VR model. Andrew Maximov from Promethean AI demonstrated to listeners that in a few minutes, with voice and/or text controls, a 3D model of a bedroom with all the furniture can be drawn using their artificial intelligence software. The lectures were also held by representatives of Digital Domain, Autodesk, Google, Ubisoft, Zaha Hadid Architects, Kengo Kuma and Associates, etc. We learned at the conference about the latest trends in the world of video games, architectural visualization, special effects, computer graphics, virtual reality and how famous world companies and artists use Chaos Group programs V-Ray for 3ds Max, V-Ray for Revit, V-Ray for Maya, VRscans, Phoenix FD in their workflow.

The main theme of all lectures was related to the latest versions of V-Ray Next, which have brought great improvements, especially when it comes to rendering speed. In addition to V-Ray Next topics, we also listened about the latest Chaos Group product, Chaos Cloud. This product is designed for rendering in the cloud, which allows V-Ray scenes to be easily and efficiently rendered without over-investing in hardware.

The general impression is that this was an impressive conference.

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