Wall Shelf Configurator & Kitchen Configurator - New TeamCAD web apps

We are proud to announce that TeamCAD's development team just released two new web applications. Both applications are based on the Autodesk Forge Cloud technology which enables users to access them just using the regular web browser, without the need for other tools.


Web Wall Shelf Configurator

TeamCAD Web Wall Shelf Configurator

The purpose of this app is to enable users to create wall shelves on their own. Through its logical workflow, the application leads the user from the simple sketch, with the help of easy-to-use tools, all the way towards the 3D model that, together with its technical documentation, is created on the Forge server in a matter of minutes. The resulting 3D model, rendered in the previously chosen material, is shown in the browser with the options to move, zoom and rotate, enabling the user to see how it looks, where are the intersections of the vertical and horizontal sides, and the positions of the drilled holes. The 3D model is accompanied by the complete technical documentation, containing all the drawings and data for the production process. Another significant option is the ability to download the 3D model with all the parts, assemblies and drawings, and accompanying technical documentation, to be used locally.

Video demonstration of the Web Wall Shelf Configurator app can be accessed here.


Web Kitchen Configurator

TeamCAD Web Kitchen Configurator

This web application gives users the opportunity to configure the kitchen elements directly in the web browser, without the need to use Autodesk Inventor as the 3D modeling software. After a simple login to the Autodesk Forge server, the user can launch the app, which then leads the user through the whole creation process. After defining the width and height of the kitchen element, choosing one of the six types of fronts, and the number of and heights of the individual elements, the data is sent to the Forge server, where they are being processed into a 3D model. After the completion, the user can access the model through a so-called "bucket", which is then being translated into a 3D model viewable in the web browser. In the following step, the user can rotate and measure the model which is in its entirety reflecting all the previously chosen parameters and even enabling the user to open and close parts of the front by simply clicking on them. 

As seen in the previous application, it is possible to download the complete 3D model from the Forge server, containing all the Inventor parts and assemblies which the user can open on its local workstation. Upon accessing it, designers can attach connection hardware, sliders, hinges and get a completely functional kitchen element ready for production.

Video demonstration of the Web Kitchen Configurator app can be accessed here.


If you need any additional information about the apps or you are interested in what our development team can make for your using Autodesk Forge technology, please contact us on +381 11 301 5043 or through a contact form.


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